Why Aprons?

1-1-Mac farm cottage, Alandale TAS

Aprons have long been associated with action and getting a job done.  In the home they’re also a symbol of nuture and care.

Action and nuture fit perfectly with what Shalom is trying to achieve in Erampatti.    So we thought our travelling aprons would be a wonderful tool for connecting and mobilising people from many different places and backgrounds, to take action against poverty and do something to help make life better for the women and children of Erampatti.

Each of our aprons is different and therefore unique.  We’ve given each one a name to remind us that each person in the village that we’re trying to help is not just a statistic but a real person.

Our vintage aprons represent the elderly widows who’ve been thrown out of their homes.  Just like our vintage and op-shop aprons, these widows were once a well-loved and valued part of a home/family.  They played an important role in preparing many meals, selflessly providing protection from the spills of life.

Then time passed and circumstances changed.  They were considered past their prime and taking up valuable space which could be used for other things.  Finally no longer wanted and seen as a burden, they were discarded and thrown out of the house.  Yet each one is uniquely beautiful and would love to part of a loving home/family again.

Our newer aprons represent the orphans and children who are just starting out on life’s journey.  Fresh and new and full of potential.  We want to bring out that potential and give them opportunities to go places, meet people and do things they never dreamed of.

To see pictures of all our aprons browse through the pages in the Find An Apron section of our website.

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Our 2014 MyCause Fundraising Page has now closed however you can still make donations to Shalom Community Development Projects via the link below.

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