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As our aprons travel around and people upload photos and locations to our facebook page, we’ve added these photos to our aprons’ pinterest journey boards.  This allow others to see where individual aprons have been and what they’ve been doing on their travels.

If you’ve received one of our exchange aprons, and would like to see where it’s already been, look on the instruction panel on the rear side of the apron to find its name.  Then click on the appropriate page button in the right-hand column and scroll down through the aprons until you find the name and photo of the apron you are looking for.

Click on the image of the apron and you will be taken to its individual journey board where you can view its uploaded facebook photos with pins on the world map showing where the photos were taken.

NB.  If your apron’s journey board has not been activated it means you are the first person to send us a photo from your apron’s journey.

Our 2014 MyCause Fundraising Page has now closed however you can still make donations to Shalom Community Development Projects via the link below.

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To see how far our travelling aprons are spreading around the world, click on the pinterest board below to see a compilation of the photos we’ve already received with their locations pinned on the world map.