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Our 2014 MyCause Fundraising Page has now closed however you can still make donations to Shalom Community Development Projects via the link below.

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Apron exchange FAQ's

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I've been given an aprons4action apron, what am I supposed to do?

There’s 4 simple things we’d like you to do.  Wear it … post a photo … give a little and pass it on.  For a full explanation of our exchange steps click on the apron exchange steps link in the right-hand column.

How many aprons are there and where did they all come from?

We’ve gathered together an amazing collection of more than 300 aprons for our 2014 launch.    Our newer aprons were made by members of our apron committee, family friends, work collegues and friends of friends in QLD, Tassie, NSW and Victoria.  One has even come all the way from the USA.  Some were also collected from market stalls.  Our vintage aprons were sourced from ebay, op shops, antique stores and local markets.  We’d like to extend a huge thank you to all our wonderful sewing stars and apron collectors for donating such a wonderful range of aprons for this years launch.  You can see photos of our aprons in the FIND AN APRON section of a website and in the ALBUMS section of our FACEBOOK PAGE.

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How long do you want the aprons to keep travelling for?

Once we launch our aprons on their journeys, we’ll be cutting the aprons strings.  Then it’s up to the people they meet along the way to ensure they keep travelling.  We’d love to see them keep passing from person to person on a never-ending journey however at this stage, our 2014 MYCAUSE FUNDRAISING PAGE will only be open to take donations until February 2015.

How long should I hold onto my apron for, before passing it on?

The quicker you pass your apron on, the more hands it passes through and the more potential it has to raise awareness and funds for the projects we’re supporting in India.   If our aprons keep moving, they could potentially connect thousands of people from around Australia and other parts of the world into an ever increasing circle of exchange, action and giving that will help build futures and empower a community.

What do I do and say when passing my apron on?

Give your apron a wash and iron if needed and pass it onto a friend.  Tell them what aprons4action is all about, what the money is being raised for, how and why you got involved and what you did.  Point out the label on the back of the apron so they can follow the instructions and visit our links.

What if I fall in love with my apron and want to keep it?

With so many beautiful aprons in our collection, it’s not surprising you might fall in love with the one you’ve been given.  The purpose of our apron exchange is for our aprons to keep moving, so they can keep sharing our story and invite people to make a donation to one of the projects we’re raising funds for.  The more aprons that keep travelling, the more potential we have to raise funds.  If you really, really love your apron and can’t bear to part with it, please contact us via email at aprons4action@gmail.com to discuss whether the apron can be purchased from the exchange.

How do I know if I've been given a genuine aprons4action apron?

All of our aprons4actions exchange aprons will have a woven label with our name, web address and logo sewn onto the front of the apron and a second label on the back with information about what we are doing and links to our website and facebook pages.   Aprons which only have the front label, have been purchased directly from aprons4action and are not part of our travelling exchange collection.

What if my exchange apron gets stained or damaged?

Aprons by nature are worn to protect the wearer’s clothes, so if you get some food or dirt on your apron or it gets damaged, do your best to clean and mend it before you pass it on.  Some of our vintage aprons already have a few marks and holes which gives them character and shows they’ve been well loved and well-used.  If your apron gets damaged beyond salvation, you can post it back to aprons4action C/ PO Box 1330 Kenmore QLD Australia 4069 and we can send a replacement one back to you to help keep the same number of aprons in circulation.

What if I can't find someone to pass my apron onto?

If you can’t find someone to pass your apron on to or feel uncomfortable asking someone else to be part of the exchange, you can post your apron back to us at Aprons4Action C/- Po Box 1330 Kenmore QLD 4069 and we’ll put it back into circulation.

Can I send my apron to someone overseas?

Yes we’d love to see photos of our aprons being worn in other countries and settings and it would be wonderful to link people from other cultures and backgrounds into our circle of exchange.

How do I follow the journey of my apron?

As our aprons travel around and people upload photos and locations to our facebook page, we’ll add these photos to our aprons’ pinterest journey boards.  To view an apron’s journey board click on the find an apron link in the right-hand column, locate your apron and click on it’s image and you’ll be directed to its journey board.  To see other photos when they are posted, like our facebook page and visit your apron’s journey board from time to time.

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Donation FAQ's

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Where does the money raised go and what will it be spent on?

The money you donate to My Cause Gift Fund will be forwarded to Global Development Group Australia for allocation to GDG Project (J514) Shalom Community Development Projects.  It will be used to fund a range of educational, community health, farming and income generating programs and resources to assist women and children living in extreme poverty in Erampatti Village in southern India.  For more information, click on the our projects link in the right-hand column.

I don’t like making donations using my credit card over the internet, can I make a bank transfer?

Yes you can transfer directly to Commonwealth Bank Account Name: Global Development Group BSB: 064118  Account No: 10200094   NB. You must quote J514 and your name in the payment reference section to ensure your donation gets allocated to Shalom Community Development Project’s account.  Then email your name, address and payment details to info@globaldevelopment.org.au so they can send you your tax deductible receipt.

I don't live in Australia, can I still make a donation to the projects you are supporting?

Yes you can using the mycause or GDG donation links in the right hand column.  The GDG USA donation portal is via PAYPAL using US Dollars but is only tax deductible for US citizens.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Australian donations made via My Cause Gift Fund and Global Development Group towards education, community health, farming and income producing projects are tax deductible and can be made via the links in the right hand column.  Donations from the USA are tax deductible if made through the Global Development Group USA link .   Please note that payments made for purchasing aprons and attending the aprons4action launch event are not tax-deductible.

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Photo FAQ's

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How do I post my aprons4action photo online so it goes on my apron's journey board?

Just post your photo on our aprons4action facebook page and we’ll do the rest.  NB.  It’s important that you include your apron’s name and your town location in the description so we can add your photo to the correct journey board and your location pin to its journey map.  To post a photo now, click on the facebook link in the righthand column.

I'm not on facebook, how can I add my photo to your facebook page?

You can email your photo to aprons4action@gmail.com and we’ll add it to facebook and its journey board.  Please include your apron’s name and your location when you email us your photo and files no bigger than 1mb would be appreciated.

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