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Our 2014 MyCause Fundraising Page has now closed however you can still make donations to Shalom Community Development Projects via the link below.

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What our travelling aprons are raising funds for?

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The money we raise through Aprons4Action will be directed to Global Development Group Project J514 Shalom Community Development Projects, a community development project located in the Madurai district of Tamil Nadu in southern India.  The four key project areas we’re raising funds for are listed below.

GDG J514

Education and resources


School supplies and educational resources, college scholarships, tutoring programs, repairs and painting at the village school.

Community health initiatives


Medical camps, community health workshops, sanitation works and rubbish removal.

Farming and food production


Drip irrigation, seeds, tree planting, livestock and training to improve farming practices.

Income generating activities

1-1-pillar box work

Employment and training programs.  Small business start-up loans for village women.

Click on “view on google maps” in the image above to see where Erampatti is located in India.

Aprons4Action and Shalom Home India are proud to partner with Global Development Group (ABN 57 102 400 993), an Australian DFAT approved NGO carrying our humanitarian projects with approved partners.  Money raised by Aprons4Action will be directed to Global Development Group Project  J514 – Shalom Community Development Projects Stage 2.

Erampatti village

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About 1000 families live in Erampatti.  Like many villages in India, Erampatti lacks many of the things that we take for granted.  There’s no medical facilities, very few houses have toilets and many families have to hand-pump drinking water and carry it to their homes.

Employment opportunities are limited and seasonal work on farms is the main source of income for most families. Unfortunately Erampatti lies in an area of low rainfall, so in years when the monsoon rains fail to come, there’s little water for farmers to irrigate their crops.

Just like us, the people in Erampatti would love to be able to provide a better future for their children, but many families struggle just to put food on the table.

Through our Aprons4Action campaign, we hope to raise funds to help provide resources and support programs that will help empower the people of this community so they can begin to address some of the causes and effects of poverty in the village and build a better future for themselves and their children.

To read more information about the specific projects that Shalom Community Development Projects is carrying out in the village visit the links on the right hand side.

Gifts over $2 with a preference for Global Development Group Project (J514) are tax deductible for Australian Residents.  If excess funds are received, they may be applied to other approved activities.  Please note that no non-development activities (political, welfare or evangelism) are funded or a part of the GDG project.

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