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Our 2014 MyCause Fundraising Page has now closed however you can still make donations to Shalom Community Development Projects via the link below.

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Our Aprons4Action team was formed in 2013, after a group of friends heard Karen and Geoff Hales share about Shalom, a small community development project they were partnering with in Erampatti village in southern India.  Some of us had known this lovely couple for many years, while others had only been introduced to them in recent times.  What had been achieved through the Shalom project in just 6 years was amazing.  The positive effect the project was having on people in the surrounding community inspired us to help raise funds to support some new projects that were planned to help women and children living in extreme poverty in the village.

To date, the project has mainly been funded through some adhoc fundraisers and the regular support of a few families.  So we began brainstorming for something new that would be a creative and exciting way for us to fundraise.  We wanted it to be something that our friends and families could get involved in and have a bit of fun.  And so the idea of Aprons4Action was born.

In October 2013 we began sewing and collecting aprons with the goal of gathering 200 aprons to send out on individual journeys to raise funds and awareness for the project.  We wanted to see just how far our aprons could travel around the world, simply by being passed from friend to friend.  Despite being totally unsavvy when it comes to internet technology, we managed to work out ways to track our aprons journey’s by asking people to upload pictures on facebook.  Of course we’ll be totally relying on the people who receive our aprons to do this part.

As we shared our idea, friends and family jumped on board.  We had people sewing aprons in Tasmania, Victoria, NSW and QLD, while others searched through every op-shop they came across looking for vintage ones.  As time passed and word spread, our apron army grew and so did our number of aprons.  We even had one apron sent to us by some one who heard about us online, all the way from the United States.   Within 5 months we’d passed our goal of 200 aprons, giving us 200 aprons to send off on their journeys and plenty more to sell.

Just like our own children, when we send our aprons out on their journeys, we’ll be cutting the apron strings.  We won’t be able to control where they’ll end up …. or who’ll they’ll meet along the way … we can only hope they’ll be passed into the care of generous and tender-hearted people.

So if someone passes you one of our Aprons4Action aprons , all we ask of you is 4 simple things … wear your apron  … post a photo … give a little … and pass your apron on.

By following these four simple steps, you can help take action against poverty in Erampatti, so that maybe one day, just like our aprons, the children of Erampatti will be able to go places, do things and meet people they never thought possible.

Thank you for supporting us in our desire to help the people of Erampatti.  Together we can change their future.

The Aprons4Action girls

Bec, Ryl, Sam, Jill, Lesley, Juli, Brenda and Karen

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